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Ward CameronAt Ward Cameron Enterprises, we have a simple business philosophy -
We Sell Wow!

We have build our reputation by transforming the mountain wilderness into a magical world of secret treasures and hidden wonders.

As a naturalist, historian, and consultant, Ward Cameron Enterprises works with a wide variety of groups. His keynote presentations can be tailored to individual group needs, and his workshops are increasingly popular. Our tour and nature guides bring the magic of western Canada to life. Our interpretive guide services can transform a motorcoach trip into an adventure of discovery.

As one of only six master naturalists (as certified by the Interpretive Guide's Association), Ward has worked as both a guide trainer and evaluator. In Oct., 2005, Ward was awarded the Banff Heritage Tourism Award as the Outstanding Heritage Interpreter. This award was presented for his “long-term commitment to excellence in interpretation and his passion for sharing his knowledge with visitors”.

In addition to our personal speaking and guiding services, we maintain an image library with upwards of 20,000 photographs. Ward Cameron's. photography is stunning, and his writing brings the mountains to life.

"You were exactly what we needed for the study tour! Your hard work and professionalism was greatly appreciated, and it was really fun having you on board as one of the gang." Sheila Luey, Town of Banff

During the summer of 2001, Ward was selected to design the hardest mountain bike race in the country - The TransRockies Challenge. This 7-day, 600 km (360 mi.) race links the mountain communities of Fernie, B.C. and Canmore, Alberta. Ward was chosen for this project because of his unparalleled knowledge of the trail systems of western Canada.

Paul Newitt, in Pedal Magazine (Holiday, 2003) , had the following to say:

“…some of the media reports were not only honest, they were dramatically honest! The made it sound like the only way to survive the TransRockies was by gnawing your own limbs off – or those of your teammate – in an effort to save weight and offset starvation by sacrificing billions of dollars worth of bike equipment to the harsh terrain…

…Each night, course designer Ward Cameron would prep us with descriptions of the next day’s stage, descriptions so rich that we could almost feel the burn in our legs as he talked us through the route. This ritual is one of the things that makes the TransRockies such a unique event. It is where bonds are formed, team alliances made, and life-long friendships developed. It is where stories are told, stretched and dramaticized, and inspiration is born, and it is as much a part of the TransRockies as the riding itself.”

The Canmore Leader reviewed Ward's latest book, Canmore and Kananaskis, and had the following comments:

"The sheer volume of Cameron's carefully compiled facts on the people, wildlife and natural environment of Canmore, right down to where to go for a dip on a hot summer afternoon, is testimony to town's value as a vacation destination in its own right." Canmore Leader

Our sister web site, is the largest online guide to the plants, animals, birds and landforms of the mountains. It is currently recommended by Canadian Geographic Magazine, Kananaskis Country, the Federation of Alberta Naturalists, the Green Pages, and the Global Outdoor and Environmental Education Council.

"Before venturing into the Rockies, visit naturalist Ward Cameron's website to get ecological and safety information that will help you to enjoy your trip to the fullest." Canadian Geographic Magazine, Sept-Oct 2001

The Calgary Herald stated: "Naturalist, photographer and all-around mountain guru Ward Cameron is behind the site, which offers a mass of well-organized information about the Rockies." Mickey Dumont, the Herald's outdoor columnist also profiled the site in a June 2, article under the headline "Time Ripe for Cameron to turn Cybernaturalist."

Your course content, as well as your dedication to a large audience projected itself in a very professional manner. I'm still receiving positive comments about the seminars." C. Anne Craik, IBM Canada Ltd.

How does this all fit together into a cohesive business strategy?

Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to live and play in the mountains. We believe in sharing our luck by making the mountains available to as many people as possible, whether or not they are able to personally visit. We do this through a variety of personal and non-personal services.

Personal Services: Our focus is on revelation, and the sharing of the stories behind the scenery. Through our speaking and guiding business we can personally show visitors the magic of the mountain wilderness.

Non-Personal Services: Our books, photography and web site products bring these same stories to people that may be planning a future mountain vacation.

Let us show you a little of this Mountain Magic!