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Rocky Mountain Institute

Ward Cameron Enterprises is expanding its list of upgraded tours and workshops. Let us teach you the stories behind the scenery. Do you want to learn more about alpine wildflowers? Would you like to know more about the pioneers that opened up the mountains for settlement? Do you want to know 10 secrets to spotting elusive mountain wildlife? These workshops give you the tools to better appreciate the magic of the landscape and the people that built a future here.  

Nature Programs

Our nature workshops bring the landscape, plants, wildlife, and birds into focus. They combine expert knowledge with years of experience in the field. Our portable museums help to bring artifacts and fossils so that participants can touch a piece of the nature. Don't miss out on these fascinating sessions.

Historical Programs

While the history of western Canada is short, there is not shortage of history. The history of the Canadian west reads like the script of an Indiana Jones movie -- and the best part is, it's all true. Let us take you on a journey through time and reveal the stories behind the scenery.

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Nature Programs

Wildlife Safari

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Learn the secrets to becoming an expert naturalist. Join naturalist Ward Cameron in an exploration of the secret world of wildlife. We'll show you trees that have been scarred by climbing bears, active nests of eagles and ospreys, and fields frequented by elk and wolves. While we can't guarantee you'll see animals, you greatly increase your chances by teaming up with an expert.

The magic of this workshop is its compelling mix of possibility mixed with tangible experiences. Learn the current trends in wildlife research. What have we learned over the past decade? How are we finding ways to better coexist with the local wildlife population? Our portable museum includes an impressive collection of artifacts and fossils to add an additional level of excitement to this session. Click Here to Book Your Workshop Now

Key Benefits

  • Learn the secret techniques and locations for spotting Rocky Mountain Wildlife

  • Learn the keys to ethical wildlife watching

  • Learn the secret techniques for increasing your wildlife viewing opportunities

  • See some really cool animals and birds and have a great deal of fun

Mountain Magic

The mountains are an unforgiving world where plants and animals quickly perish unless they have adaptations to enable them to survive such a harsh environment. In a land where it can, and does, snow any day of the year, there are no second chances. The program reveals the secrets of how the Rockies were formed and sculpted into today's scenic wonders. 

With this foundation, the workshop examines the unique ways plants and animals have evolved to survive in this alpine landscape. From trees that attract fire, to animals traveling below deep winter snow packs, this program is worth seeing. Click Here to Book Your Workshop Now

Key Benefits

  • Learn 10 steps you can take to make you an expert naturalist

  • Get a great overview of the Rockies and the amazing forces that led to  these amazing features

  • Keys to improving your chance of spotting key plants, animals and birds.

  • Take your observations and make them available to researchers and leverage your experiences.

  • Have a whole bunch of fun!

Historical Programs

Rails Westward--The Western C.P.R.

The building of the railway is a living testament to the determination of early Canadians. It was responsible for opening up a wilderness previously explored only by a few missionaries and adventurers.  Promise of a railroad brought British Columbia into the fold of Confederation, and helped cement the uneasy union that would eventually make up the Canada of today.

This is a story that every Canadian should know. Why not listen to part of the story live on the internet. Click here to learn more. Click Here to Book Your Workshop Now

Key Benefits

  • This is a story about breaking impossible limits. The early surveyors explored valleys that had never seen non-Natives. 

  • The battle to complete the railway was fought both in the wilderness and in the parliament. 

  • Learn the key individuals that shaped the west, and how they achieved the impossible -- every day.

  • nothing worth doing is ever done without total commitment

Banff--The First 100 Years


The history of Banff reads like an Indiana Jones movie script. The short history, since survey crews for the C.P.R. first opened up the area, can keep your audience riveted with the drama of life in a rugged and unforgiving land. With the completion of railway, the west was opened for business. The Banff Springs ushered in the rush when it was opened in 1888 and, since then, Banff has grown from a tiny mountain outpost to an international destination resort. Click Here to Book Your Workshop Now

Workshop Details

This workshop looks at the evolution of Banff from uncharted wilderness to tourism Mecca. The workshop begins with a look at Banff’s early history and some of the latest discoveries along the shoreline of Lake Minnewanka. Alberta hosts some of the oldest archaeological sites on the Continent, and Banff’s early residents are an important part of the story. 

We’ll then follow the footsteps of pioneers as we explore the opening of the west, the coming of the railway and the advent of tourism. The workshop includes visits to the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies, the Cave & Basin Centennial Centre, and the former townsite of Bankhead. 

Kananaskis--Then and Now

Kananaskis Country is fast becoming one of the newest of the International Resorts. With the 1988 Olympic Nordic and alpine events being held within it's boundaries, the area has suddenly found itself a popular destination. This program is a combination of natural and human history of an area that boasts the highest drivable pass in Canada as well as a history that includes Prisoner of War Camps, coal mines and unparalleled mountain recreation. Click Here to Book Your Workshop Now

Other Workshops

Alpine Images--The Secrets of Mountain Photography

Photography and mountains go hand in hand. Join nationally published photographer Ward Cameron in an exploration of the many methods of capturing the mountain landscape on film. You'll learn to use lighting, composition, camera and lens in new and exciting ways as you begin to see the mountains in a new light. Bring along a camera and be sure to dress for a day in the field.

The workshop uses numerous local panoramas as a backdrop to help teach participants how to best take advantage of their cameras. We are happy to provide group handouts detailing the secrets of mountain photography as well as critiques of photographs from the workshops. Click Here to Book Your Workshop Now

Workshop Rates for 2010-11



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Half Day (max. 3 Hours
Minimum of 4 people, Maximum varies
(group rates available)



Full Day,  (max. 8 Hours     
Minimum of 4 people, Maximum varies
(group rates available)



Rates do not include expenses such as van or motorcoach transportation, attraction admission, park fees, escort positioning, meals and hotels

Rates do not include 5% Goods and Service Tax