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Ward Cameron Enterprises is YOUR source for the magic of the Canadian West!

As a naturalist, historian, and consultant, Ward works with a wide variety of groups. He has built a company by leveraging an unparalleled knowledge of the tales, trails and nature of the Canadian West.

We Sell Wow!

Our business model is simple. We Sell Wow! Our products and services have been designed to make the Canadian west both exciting and accessible. If you are lucky enough to be traveling to the west, let us share with you the stories behind the scenery.

Do you want to find the perfect spot for a movie shoot, event or photograph? Are you looking to find an elusive plant, animal or bird? Do you want to travel in the footsteps of pioneers? We do all of this and more - every day.

There is nothing more special than the thrill of discovery, and our goal is to combine stories of historic adventure with personal discovery. Our guided tours will take you in luxury while our hiking adventures offer you a chance to leave the pavement behind. See towering peaks, magnificent wildlife, and wildflower filled meadows. Let us be your facilitator of fun!

Interpretive Guide Services

Let our trained guides show you the Canadian Rockies like nobody else. We know the best times to visit, the secret wonders and the tallest tales. Our guides guarantee a magical Canadian Rockies Visit

"You were exactly what we needed for the study tour! Your hard work and professionalism was greatly appreciated, and it was really fun having you on board as one of the gang."
Sheila Luey, Town of Banff

Keynote Presentations

A good keynote speaker must accomplish several difficult goals. They must provide valuable and timely information, and they must present it in a lively and entertaining manner. This is where Ward really shines. His background as a storyteller allows him to use history, and the adventures of the west, as a medium to motivate and fascinate. His program Building a Railway--Making a Nation is rapidly becoming a popular inclusion for groups across the country.

Focus Workshops

Many of the subjects covered in Ward's keynote addresses can be expanded into half and full day workshops. A keynote without follow-up can result the loss of momentum as the message is quickly forgotten, and old habits take hold once again. This is especially important in industries where rapid change is eroding morale. A motivating presentation followed with a focus session on implementing the spirit of adventure into our daily lives can pay large dividends in the future.

Your course content, as well as your dedication to a large audience projected itself in a very professional manner. I'm still receiving positive comments about the seminars." C. Anne Craik, IBM Canada Ltd.

Ward has taught many workshops on the natural and human history of the west for those seeking more traditional presentations. These can vary from single day workshops to ongoing focus sessions on a variety of themes. He has worked with many tour guides helping them to upgrade skills and add more varied information and stories to their presentations.

Consulting and Training

More and more companies are bringing Ward in-house to focus on specific problems. The main focus seems to be rapid change and front-line motivation, but he has also become involved in helping companies do more with less--using technology to make up for limitations in manpower and other resources.

Other tourism based companies use Ward to run training sessions for tour guides and front-line staff. For companies operating in the west, particularly in the tourism sector, knowledgeable staff can translate to increased sales.

Photographic Library

As an internationally published photographer, Ward Cameron can provide you with all your photography needs. Select from his stock files of more than 20,000 images detailing the riches of the west (Canada and the U.S.), or work with him on a contractual basis. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Books, Articles and Web Services

His writing skills are also widely recognized. He is the author of two books, as well as numerous magazine and newspaper articles. Choose from a long list of pre-written articles, or have Ward write an article to your specifications. Ward knows the importance of deadlines, and guarantees delivery on time every time.

"Naturalist, photographer and all-around mountain guru Ward Cameron is behind the site, which offers a mass of well-organized information about the Rockies."  
Calgary Herald Newspaper

Trip Planning and Site Location

Need to find a location for that magazine shoot or movie set, Ward knows these hills better than anyone else. He can find you those choice locations and leave you with one less thing to worry about.

If you are planning a photographic trip, Ward will help ensure you get to all the major sites when the light is at its best. Some sites are best photographed at specific times of day, others at specific times of the year. Ward will provide a detailed itinerary outlining a suggested routing.