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Trip Planning and Site Location with Ward Cameron

Ward has been exploring the west for many years. He has managed Information Centres for Alberta Tourism and later, as a naturalist and information officer for Alberta's Provincial Park system. As a photographer and author, he has followed up these more formal assignments with extensive wilderness wandering. His research combines a keen knowledge of the history, and historic routes of the early surveyors and settlers, with an extensive understanding of the landscape.

Site Location

It seems that every year, more and more movie crews descend upon the Canadian Rockies. It seems fitting that the first silent film using the Canadian Rockies was entitled Cameron of the Royal Mounted. Since these early films, barely a year has passed without some major Hollywood production. Recent titles include: The Edge, Legends of the Fall, Unforgiven, and The Last of the Dogmen

Ward can provide your crew with unique sites, and fresh looks. Each year it becomes more difficult to find panoramas not included in last years films. The Rockies are a vast world, and if you need an expert to find an endless supply of choice locations, contact Ward Cameron Enterprises.

Trip Planning

This wide range of knowledge makes Ward an ideal candidate to help you plan you trip to the west. If you are planning a photographic excursion to the west, Ward can ensure that you make the most of your limited time in this vast wilderness. Many classic locations are best photographed at specific times of the day, and others at specific times of the year. Some require lengthy wilderness sojourns to access, while the vast majority are easily accessible along some of our primary tourism corridors. Ward can provide you with a detailed itinerary which will get you to the largest number of sites, at the most picturesque times. Capture a sunrise on Lake Louise, but save Maligne Canyon for an overcast day. The soft overcast light filters into the narrow canyon and illuminates this often dark world. Moraine Lake sits in a shadowy valley which is best captured at sunrise, and as close as possible to June 21, the longest day of the year. Later in the season, the sun rises further south and doesn't illuminate the lake as clearly.

Ward can also suggest those adventure activities that will make your trip memorable. If you prefer, he can even make arrangements for these activities for you. All you need do is show up and play.