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Why Choose Ward Cameron as your speaker?

Ward Cameron does not give up easily. He believes in always pushing to the limit, and always looking for opportunity amidst challenge. He knows what it takes to follow onešs dream, and today he is living his.

In 1989 he left his full-time, pensioned job, and embarked on a road of uncertainty. His goal was, and is, to bring the natural and human history of the west to life. He began with a business plan, an inventory of skills, and very little else. Today, he is the author of three books, the creator of, the largest online guide to the nature of the mountains, and has a growing speaking and consulting business.

Ward Cameron pushes up Allenby Pass, Banff National Park, Alberta - photo by Ward CameronOn his first trip to the Rockies, he undertook a 175 km (109 mi.) backpacking trip. Over 14 days in the wilderness, he encountered only four people. While researching his book projects, Ward experienced many challenges. On one solo mountain bike ride, while following the footsteps of explorers, he had to talk his way past a 300 kg. (660 lbs.) grizzly, push through 12 km. (7.5 mi.) of heavy snow to crest a 2,500 m (8,000 ft.) pass. Little did he know that the fun was just beginning! After losing the trail in heavy snow, he had to scramble down a 30 m (100 ft.) cliff face with his bike. As he reached the level valley bottom, and what seemed like smooth sailing for the duration, his bike broke down, forcing him to push a final 27.5 km. (17 mi.) through heavy mud that repeatedly caused both wheels to seize.

During this lengthy ordeal, he found strength in the stories of surveyors, and explorers. He thought of railroad surveyors descending the Kicking Horse Pass along a 40 cm (15 in.) ledge, 240 m (800 ft.) above the treacherous Kicking Horse River. Some were so terrified, they kept their eyes closed, holding on to the tail of their horse for guidance.

Through the experiences of these trailblazers and adventurers, we find metaphors of change and uncertainty. They saw a vast world of opportunity. All that was necessary was the initiative and courage to strike out for fame and glory. Today, the frontiers are in business, and the uncertainty of change provides endless opportunity. By using history as a metaphor for change, we can learn to look forward by looking back.

As a workshop facilitator and keynote speaker, Ward will provide an exciting presentation for your next group with his lively mix of speaking, slides, and story telling.

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